Columbia University

Rare Book and Manuscript Library

New York, NY 10027

Collection: Allan Nevins Professional Collection

NUCMC: MS 61-3361

Arrangement: The Flannery O’Connor letters may be found under “O’Connor, Flannery to Allan Nevins.”

Allan Nevins was a professor and historian (“Nevins”). O’Connor’s correspondence with Nevins consists of two short letters that address business matters dated May and July 1957. In the letters, O’Connor mentions that she will not be able to attend the American Academy Ceremonial and thanks Nevins for sending a copy of Nostromo.

Collection: Random House

NUCMC: 71-993

Arrangement: The Flannery O’Connor letter my be found in the file, “O’Connor, Flannery, to David McDowell.”

The Random House collection contains one letter dated February 1953 from O’Connor to David McDowell, an editor at Random House, in which she briefly thanks him for sending a copy of Warren Eyester’s book, Far From The Customary Skies.