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Collection: Approach Archives

Arrangement: The O’Connor papers are found in “Box 1.”

Albert Fowler was editor of Approach, a literary magazine that was published from 1947 to 1967. The collection contains a single short letter dated February 1956 from O’Connor to Albert Fowler, in which she thanks him for sending a copy of Approach with a story by “Mrs. Wesley.”

Collection: Granville Hicks Papers: 1906-1980

Arrangement: Papers related to Flannery O’Connor are in “Box 47.”

Granville Hicks was a writer and literary critic who edited a book published in 1957, The Living Novel: A Symposium, containing O’Connor’s essay, “The Fiction Writer and His Country.”

The collection contains eleven short business-like letters from O’Connor dating February 1957 through May 1962. Four of these letters appear in The Habit of Being. The letters address material O’Connor was sending to Hicks for publication and include comments about the lecture she submitted to his book. O’Connor also sent Hicks autobiographical information and wrote that she was pleased that he liked The Violent Bear It Away. In other letters to Hicks, she discusses her feelings about the work of Carson McCullers as well as Cecil Dawkins’s desire to attend Yaddo.

Among the correspondence from O’Connor are letters between Hicks and other correspondents concerning O’Connor and her work. One letter, dated September 1964, is from Lewis Lawson at the University of Maryland asking Hicks to contribute criticism for a book to be devoted to Flannery O’Connor. The second letter, dated August 1964, is from John J. Quinn, advisor for Esprit, a literary magazine published by the University of Scranton. Quinn asked Hicks to write a posthumous tribute to O’Connor for Esprit. The Hicks papers also have four pages of biographical information on O’Connor and comments (apparently by Hicks) on Wise Blood.

The collection contains five nearly illegible, thermo fax copies of letters written between June 1962 and January 1963 from O’Connor to Mack Buckley Swearingen. The original letters between O’Connor and Swearingen are housed at Cornell University.

Collection: William Van O'Connor Papers 1943-1966.

Collection ID: MSS: 68-1747

NUCMC: MS 70-715

Arrangement: A single Flannery O’Connor letter is located in “

Box 1.”

William Van O’Connor was a writer, literary critic, editor of American Quarterly, and an English professor at the University of Michigan and the University of Minnesota (“O’Connor”). There is one letter from Flannery O’Connor in the William Van O’Connor Papers. In the letter, dated January 1957, she discusses her religious beliefs and her theory of the grotesque.